LessMoney is an online event where a small group of web business owners come together to learn and discuss how to create more profitable and less stressful businesses.

Our speaker sessions will give hard numbers, explaining what has and hasn't worked. We've learned a lot by making mistakes in our own businesses, and we'll be sharing our personal experiences. Our goal isn't to change your company into a clone of ours but to shed some light on how we run our businesses.

Our 2014 fall event will be an online event (google hangout) with two 4-hour workshops that will span 2 days (Thursday Dec 11th - Friday 12th) Space is limited to 14 people in attendance so we can have plenty of time to answer questions.

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Who Should Attend?

If you are running a consultancy and are having trouble with closing sales, generating leads, marketing, making payroll, projects going bad, managing clients, managing employees, growing your business, sleeping at night, bed wetting, marital issues, finishing projects on time, estimating or handling contracts... then this is the workshop for you. Our speakers will pull the curtains back to reveal the little wizard and all his secrets.

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Topics We Cover

The business you are building

How to shape your business so it fits you. How to pick clients and projects that you will enjoy.

Business Partners

Why it’s beneficial to have a business partner. How to find a business partner and how to maintain this relationship.

Marketing Your Skills

Why no one knows about you. How we get a lot unsolicited client leads per month.

Your Portfolio

Shape your portfolio into something better.

Sales Process

How to sell a $500k project. How to make a client realize they're better off with you than without you. Get more “yes”es and close more sales.

Handling Clients

How to manage a $500k project. How to deal with upset clients, how to set client expectations, and how to keep them (and you) happy.

Building and Keeping a Team

How to find the best talent for the best rate. How to hold onto employees for multiple years. Allan and Steve will show you how to create an environment where people seek you out to work for you.


How to draft a good contract. (We'll use our own contracts as examples.) We’ll even talk about how we got sued and how you can keep yourself out of that mess.

Money & Profits

Reasons why you're probably going to go out of business and how to avoid them, including where you're wasting money and time.

LessMoney is group therapy for small business owners. It's the most honest, open forum I've found for discussing the ins-and-outs of growing a consulting business.
Jason from SurpriseHighway.com

Why we limit the number of tickets.

This event will have no more than 14 attendees. A small group allows us to spend time answering plenty of questions, looking at your individual approaches, and making sure you leave with a clear view on how to make your business more profitable and yourself happier. We want to have an intimate setting where people can be open about the problems they're having and figure out how to fix them.

Nate & I left the workshop pumped, they showed us how to make more money.
Jonathan from FortySeven Media

Who are these chubby guys?


Allan and Steve have built LessAccounting from nothing to a company that does over a million dollars a year in web consulting work, plus revenue from their applications that will exceed $500k this year. Learn how they went from two chubby guys with ideas to two chubby guys with clients, paid-app users, and an amazing team of people around them.

Past Speakers at LessMoney

Steve & Allan talk at Barcamp Orlando about Marketing + Sales

Chad Pytel of Thoughtbot gives a preview of his talk.

Carl Smith of ngenworks gives a preview of his talk.

Geoff DiMasi of
P'unk Ave gives a preview of his talk.